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RUMAH DUNIA part of WORLD PEN FOUNDATION (Yayasan Pena Dunia) is active in social and education circles. Regristation by the notary public Mr. Fachrul Kesuma Dharma, SH and Instruction Ministry of Judicial Affairs and Human Right number C-1580.HT.01.02/2006/July 31st . Registration of tax: 02.566.373.3 – 401.000

The dream to have the personal library for public (children and teenagers) begins from the Banten condition that besides lack of reading and research climate, also have hardly library. We think to change Banten is very difficult. Then we make strategy, namely spreading the reading habit to our environment where we live, Komplek Hegar Alam, Ciloang, Serang, Banten. We hope this strategy will be effective. We hope the reading habit will be our neighbors’ habit too.

Rumah Dunia is non-commercial community as a cultural school that gives opportunity as widely as to everyone who has will to build intelligent, self-supporting, critical, democratic, and happy people. This community works in education, developing information network, and publishing, documentary, and cultural expression. It opens from Monday until Saturday at 13:00-17:00, Sunday at 12:00AM – 17:00PM.


Rumah Dunia was built in the middle of fruits garden. It is 1000m2. The buildings are a teenager’s library, musola (place for worship), children library, playing ground, open 7X5 meter2 stage for theatre, and toilet.


We hope someday a new generation will grow up here. They have high capacity and dictate when touching with the wide society. Here it is a learning centre; as a place to upgrade the children and teenagers human resources quality; as generation for Banten specially, and Indonesian commonly.


Now the books collection that we have about 3.000 titles. They are story books for children, teennagers, and university students. There are comic, the flora-fauna drawing books, Japanese comic, prophets drawing story books, magazines for children, how-to books, world clasiccal storytale books, and many more. There are translated popular novel from some countries, islamic novel from Forum Lingkar Pena friends, the adventure story like Old Shaterhand, Senopati Pamungkas, Candika, and others. There are also literature novel like novel by Iwan Simatupang, Pramudya Ananta Toer, Ayu Utami, Jenar, Dee, and Dinar. We have also the world literatures like from Boris Pasternak, Shakespeare, and Ernest Hemingway. And the magazines are accumulated from news, entertainment, and journal; like Annida magazine, Bola magazine, Tempo magazine, Pantau magazine, Jakarta Kliping, and Hai magazine.


Some volunteers assist Rumah Dunia’s regular activities. They are:

Tias Tatanka: fairytale, reading-writing
Hj. Atisah Haris = fairytale
Deden, Roy, Awi = logistic
Gola Gong = journalistic, fiction, and TV screenplay
Toto ST Radik = poetry
Piter Tamba, Ade Mulyawati = theatre
Indra Kesuma = drawing
Ibnu Adam Aviciena/Aji Setiakarya = journalistic and fiction
RG Kedung Kaban alias Kak Soteng = fairytale/story telling
Intan Pratiwi = English Friday
Radar Banten, Indo.Pos, Banten Raya Post (local newspaper) = publishing
SUHUDsentrautama = printing
Semco = Komputer

Scene Ten = audio visual


It effectively runs on March 2002. It begins with a shelter of books. We have not the rooms. However, in the beginning of July 2002, the open room has been built completely. It is open for public every Monday until Friday at 13:00-17:00, and Sunday from 09.00-17.00. The naming of the activities or schedules by adding word ‘tour’ in front of the name, in order to be heard friendly and has strong playing aroma. The complete schedules are:

01. Monday=Drawing Tour
Drawing tour is the most like very much by children. In drawing-tour day, the coming children are up to 50 until 60, and ever until 120 children. The atmosphere is like in festival. Ten of them were ever invited by Banten Cultural and Tourism Department (Dinas Kebudayaan dan Parawisata Banten) to attend “Banten Expatriates Gathering (BEG)” that was held in Imperial Aryaduta, Karawaci Tangerang.

02. Tuesday = Reading
The children are now free and easy to take any books. Moreover, they gradually take the suitable books for them. They begin to read diligently. By reading books, they can move the world to their imagination. They can surf the world by books. After read, they must to tell the resume front of their friends.

03. Wednesday= Drama Tour – Expression
In Rumah Dunia there is a 7X5m2 stage. They sometimes play drama that the script is written by us. They played drama in British Council when the launching of 1001buku volunteers in Jakarta, Pesta Buku Jakarta 2003, and commemorate the birthday of Gesbica IAIN (State Islamic Institute) Banten, Serang, Banten. They are also ready to accept the invitation to show.
Also, we permit children to express their self. They usually just read, study how to write the poetry and read it, and dance. These are incidental activities, not every Sunday.

04. Thursday=Writing Tour
The children write about their father, home, daily activities in school, village, and anything that they feel and think. Their write it in prose or poetry. Then they have published their poetry in an anthology named “Salam dari Rumah Dunia”. Now they are preparing to publish the second anthology. Here they study journalistic. They interviewed any person: bread maker, the rice seller, fried banana seller, and others. By using 5W+1H formula, they write the report. We direct them to every writing competition.

05. Friday=Fairytale TourWhereas the fairytale, they can fantasize about other world that they have not known. They can explore the world that they have not visit. They can learn something good to be done and something bad to be left. Usually, before the fairytale begins, some children are enjoined to recite their daily experience. By this, in the future, they are expected to be accustomed utter their opinion in front of public.

06. Saturday = Rumah Dunia Discussion Club:
Since May 10th 2003, collaborate with Forum Lingkar Pena, Sanggar Sastra Remaja Indonesia (SSRI), we perform monthly discussion about art, culture, and library. The participants are the representative of art community, culture, and books lover in Banten. The speakers are expert, teacher, and government.

07. Sunday=Writing Class
For student and university student, every Sunday afternoon at 14:00-17:00, we provide writing class. First class held in January 2003. The participants are SMA and university student. For 3 months, they learn journalistic, fiction, and screenplay. Now some of them are dexterous to write. We can read their writings in local newspaper. They also have made the group for young writer, namely Forum Lingkar Pena (FLP) Serang. Now (February 2006), we held the seventh class.

08. Rumah Dunia Journal and Website:
Some last year we published the monthly journal. Forum Lingkar Pena Serang managed it. We expect it become exercise to increase their writing skill before enter to the professional publishing. The Journal shared gratis. Now we did not publish the journal again because we have not enough money.

09. Competition:
To stimulate their creativity, we perform the competitions, such as drawing and exposition, reading and writing the poetry, theatre festival, and composition competition. The presents are money, pen, book, et cetera.


To promote the existence and socialize Rumah Dunia activities, we do these:

1. We write every activity that happens in Rumah Dunia. The writings are spread to mailing list in the internet. Some mailing list that we use are 1001Buku, Pasarbuku, Forum Lingkar Pena, Forum Pembaca Kompas, media care, Komunitas Film Indie, Watan Sabah, Layar Kata Network, Pojok Teater, Wongbanten, Smunsa Serang, Penyairgroup, Cybersastra, and Penerbitnet. We do this every week.

2. We cooperate with local newspaper in Banten, Radar Banten, to publish our weekly journal. Radar Banten gives us a space every Thursday.

3. Some last years, we also publish monthly bulletin. It has eight pages, sized A3. We hope our writing skill will be improved by doing this. Now this bulletin is not published again because we have enough money, as we talk before.

4. In addition, we have to thank to God, we now have website. Our writings in every field are published there. Everyone in the world can read our activity in a week; writing about book, publishing, theatre, art, screenplay, impression experience, and many things. Everyone everywhere can adopt our method how to manage personal library that open for public, and how make educational activities.COST CALCULATION:

To provide the sustenance for Rumah Dunia program, we collect money from our selves, our friend, and others who have the same desire to develop people’s mind. Every month we have to spend money to buy pen, pencil, book, drawing book, electricity, pay honorarium to manager, transportation cost for instructor, buy consumption in every activities (e.g.: discussion), etc. The cost calculation we need every month is:


Drawing Paper $ 25
Crayon US$ 25
HVS US$ 15
Pen US$ 15
Computer ink US$ 30
US$ 110


Writing class US$ 15 Regular “Tour” (e.g.: expression tour) US$ 15
Rumah Dunia Discussion Club US$ 30
US$ 60


Publication (newsletter) US$ 50
Electricity US$ 30
Competition present US$ 50
Gasoline (for motorcycle) US$ 20
US$ 150

Amount US$ 320/month


Rumah Dunia is informal board that made on trust. Nevertheless, for wide network, the structure of organization keep at is repaired. The village chief has allowed our existence. By their letter, they stated that Rumah Dunia is a learning center in education and social. We do not glean money from people who visit our place at all.

Gola Gong, Tias Tatanka, Toto ST Radik, (the deceased) Rys Revolta

Advisor: Gola Gong, Tias Tatanka, Toto ST Radik, Wien Muldian, Fahri Asiza, Abdul Malik, Andi Suhud, Yaya Suhendar, Maulana Wahid Fauzi

Firman Venayaksa

Langlang Randhawa

Treasurer: Rimba Alang-alang Librarian:

Bookstore Manager:
Muhzen Den

Literature and Journalistic Instructor:
Aji Setiakarya

Theatre Instructor:
Piter Tamba, Ade, Qopal

Drawing Instructor:
Indra Kesuma

Film Instructor:

Discussion Manager:

Rimba Alang-alang Publication Manager:
Qizink La Aziva, Ginanjar Hambali

Website Manager:
Noval Y. Ramsis, Andre Birowo

Supporting Media:
Radar Banten Daily, Banten Raya Post, Indo.Pos, SUHUD Printing


Rumah Dunia gives the opportunity to everyone to participate in developing human resources, especially children and teenagers in Banten. The donation may be book, pencil, pen, paper, eraser, crayon, and money. The donation does not knot us. We will use the donation to add the collection, fund the activities, and competition present. All of those are done in other the children are diligent to come to Rumah Dunia. Therefore, they are clever, critical, and happy face their life.

Komplek Hegar Alam 40, Ciloang
Serang 42118, Banten. Tlp.: 0254- 224955
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bank Account on behalf of YAYASAN PENA DUNIA

Cq. Heri Hendrayana Harris
Bank Rakyat Indonesia Serang, Banten – Indonesia
No. 0084 – 01 – 034240 – 50 – 5


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